Globalizing Pharma Training: 6 Reasons Why In-house Training Must Be Localized for Success

Pharmaceutical companies have been growing at an unprecedented pace. Each day, millions of dollars are invested in the Research and development of new medications, clinical trials are conducted, and numerous regulatory approvals are required to bring these medications to market. Therefore it has become increasingly important for companies to keep their employees up-to-date with industry trends and regulations.
Using in-house training, pharmaceutical companies can train their employees on a wide range of topics, from product knowledge to sales techniques to regulatory compliance to safety procedures. However, as a result of the global nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the need to reach employees across different regions and languages, localizing training materials has become essential for many pharmaceutical companies.

6 Benefits of localizing Pharma in-house training materials:

1. Effective communication:
Localized training material paves the way for crystal-clear comprehension of the content by your employees. It facilitates smooth communication, ensuring your employees understand the content clearly which further helps them to relay accurate information. This is essential in the pharmaceutical industry where you need to ensure the accuracy of the information every step of the way.

2. Improved understanding:
Adapting the training content to your employee’s cultural and linguistic needs helps to sharpen their understanding of the content. Moreover, localized training material will help employees to comprehend difficult ideas more clearly, pick up new skills quickly and use the information correctly. Pharma companies can make sure their staff is well-prepared to care for patients from diverse backgrounds by designing training programs to meet the needs of diverse learners.

3. Increased engagement:
Research has proven that a person responds better to training that is delivered in their language along with their cultural references as they are able to comprehend and process the information more easily. Thus, translating training materials into the employees’ local tongue and culture will help to improve engagement and maximize the effects of training initiatives.

4. Competitive advantage:
A well-localized in-house training program can help companies create a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that can operate effectively in different markets. By providing their employees with the necessary training and support, organizations can ensure that they have a competent and culturally-sensitive workforce that can navigate the challenges of diverse markets with ease.

5. Personalized learning:
By making the training more relevant and accessible to the employees’ local languages and cultures, training can increase understanding and engagement. This approach makes training more efficient by allowing employees to study at their own pace and in a manner that fits their unique learning preferences.

6. Better retention:
Employees are more likely to remember training material that is localized, which will ultimately produce better results. This is so that they can more easily comprehend and remember the information because it is delivered in a manner that is familiar to them. Improved work performance and better results for the company can result from higher retention rates, which will ultimately make the company more successful and competitive.

In conclusion, for pharmaceutical companies aiming to flourish in today’s globalized industry, localization of internal training content is crucial. Organizations can provide employees with a specialized learning experience that is catered to their linguistic and cultural demands by localizing training resources. The medical sector depends heavily on accurate and clear communication, which is ensured by localization.

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