Declaration by Rikaian Technologies Private Limited

At Rikaian Technologies Private Limited, we stand firm in our commitment to the lawful and ethical development and deployment of our pioneering technologies, including our advanced voice matching capabilities. As leading providers of cutting-edge solutions in language translation, we recognize the paramount importance of adhering to the highest standards of integrity and legality across all facets of our operations.

In light of rapidly growing concerns surrounding the misuse of artificial intelligence, particularly in the realm of voice manipulation for fraudulent ends, we hereby assert our unequivocal stance on this matter and explicate our position regarding the utilization of our technology:

1. Intended Purpose and Scope:

Our voice matching technology is expressly devised and deployed for bona fide and lawful objectives, specifically to facilitate precise and expeditious language translation in both written and spoken modalities. It is explicitly not intended for, nor shall it be employed in, deceptive or fraudulent activities of any nature.

2. Disclaimer of Unlawful Use:

We vehemently denounce any illicit employment of our technology for purposes contravening the law or ethical norms, including but not restricted to voice impersonation, identity theft, or perpetration of fraudulent schemes. We neither support, endorse, nor condone such acts in any form or fashion.

3. Adherence to Legal Standards:

Rikaian Technologies Private Limited is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the lawful deployment of its technology in strict accordance with all pertinent statutes, regulations, and legal frameworks governing data privacy, consumer protection, and intellectual property rights. We actively engage with law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies (if needed) to redress any misappropriation or abuse of our technology.

4. Empowerment Through Awareness:

Rikaian Technologies Private Limited is unwavering in its commitment to fostering awareness and understanding among our user base and the wider community regarding the appropriate and ethical use of technology. We provide educational resources, guidance, and best practices to empower users in safeguarding themselves against malicious activities and exploitation.

We affirm to our clientele, partners, and stakeholders that Rikaian Technologies Private Limited remains resolute in its dedication to upholding ethical conduct, legal compliance, and responsible technological innovation.