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MT Can Make Video Localization Easy and Fast

Introduction to Video Localization

Localization is the process of making a film or video accessible to viewers in other countries by translating and dubbing it into their language. It is a complex and costly process, but it is essential for reaching a global audience. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of video localization, including the challenges and benefits of the process.

Let’s read some facts and figure to check why video localization is extremely necessary. During the year 2019, the language services sector was valued for $49.6 billion. Present and future trends in the language services industry show that the this industry will to reach $77 billion by 2024, with high demand for video content in particular.

By the end of current year 2022, 82% chunk of the internet traffic will be in the form of video content. 4 out of 5 businesses will prefer to run their marketing or sales campaigns in the form of videos. With the large influx of video content, the requirement for localizing these videos will also be in high demand.

What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation is the correct way to accomplish fast, accurate, and bulk amounts of translations. However, there are different challenges in the field of MT as well. In a simple language, machine translation (MT) means using a computer program/tool to translate the text written in one language into another target language (s). MT has evolved from a primitive word-to-word translation to context-based translation over the past 70 years. With the increased processing capacity of computers, MT is no more a field of research but a commercial solution. The fields such as AI and NLP are also evolving at high speed, augmenting the MT tools with more power.

How can Machine Translation help in Video Localization?

The language part in the video is mostly in the form of voice, subtitles and narrated text. These forms of the text can be converted to scripts and then fed to the MT tool to get translated in the target language. The post-processing is generally done by the human editor who can fine tune the text in target language.

The Benefits of Using MT in Video Localization

Integration of MT with Translation Management System (TMS) is easily possible which gives an advantage for running a localization business without any difficulty. Reduced cost is one more benefit of using MT and a business can pass the advantage to the client as well.

Since most TMS providers also provide service businesses, we can say that all TMS providers are LSPs. Possible improvement in each of the block in the localization process is as follows –

TMS – How to effectively manage the translation process

MT – Accuracy

HT – Increase productivity by giving powerful CAT tools

These days, the TMS (Translation Management Systems) is integrated with MT engines. So, the translation process looks like – TMS + MT + HT (Human Translator)

TMS – Generally companies have different expertise and hence most of the companies if they are working on TMS, do not work on MT engines like Trados, Memsource, MemoQ, etc.

MT – Similarly MT engine companies are different like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DeepL, etc…

HT – Most of the TMS companies also have a Human Translator Management part like they have a pool of resources from which they manage the translation etc.

Challenges of Using MT in Video Localization

The entire processes and terminology discussed until now is very impressive but hard to implement. Separating the video elements, translating them, adding local context and references and then putting all pieces together to create a uniform user experience requires highly skilled and experienced work force. Very few companies can produce the high-quality, engaging experience in localized videos. We are expert in the domain and have successfully localized content in over 60 languages. Reach us at sales@rian.io for more information.

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