• 1. Customer Profile –

    A popular news channel in India awarded as Best Hindi News Channel in 2022. One of the largest TV networks in India—operates five news channels in Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Gujarati, and reaches out to more than 150 million TV audiences per week.

  • Challenge –

    Our client Live project –

    • News article would be sent in source language and need to be translated/localized in four regional languages

    • TAT for 400 words – 20 minutes including formatting, testing and review

    • Continuous work for 12 hours – from morning 9 to evening 9 for 365 days

    • Special cases such as breaking news TAT would be reduced to 10 minutes

    • No scope for error rectification in live broadcast

  • Rian’s Solution –

    • Rian used its patented AI-based platform service – DT for handling this project.

    • Appointed dedicated project manager and linguistic experts who worked in batches.

    • Language-experts and technical team to work under project coordinators

  • Success Story- “Quality Output Along With Quick TAT”

    • Deadline adherence and customer satisfaction were two important goals. Achieved to the maximum level.

    • The project was successfully completed for the decided time span

    • Most of the times, the delivery was done before TAT

    • Special requirements such as breaking news or news of national importance were delivered instantly at any odd hour of the day.

  • 2. Customer profile- A pharmaceutical company with –

    • The highest quality levels is assured by international accreditations such WHO GMP, PICS, PPB, NDA, TFDA, and others.

    • Clinical and aesthetic dermatology, as well as specialty treatment servicing both acute and chronic consumer segments, and nutraceuticals

  • Background:

    With the upcoming teachers’ day, our client had planned an event that included a message from renowned Doctors in Dermatology and the student’s sentiments on everything they learned from their Gurus vis-à-vis the Guru-Shishya Parampara. The company approached Rian with the project that included shooting and creative editing for their video.


    • Timely delivery:

    • Quality Assurance:

    • Creativity:

    • Coordination:

  • Rian’s Solution:

    • Coordination: Team promptly made all the necessary arrangements for the live video shooting, thus adaptations were made to ensure efficiency.

    • High-quality editing: After collecting multiple videos, careful editing was done to produce a cohesive video highlighting all the important aspects of the event without losing its core message.

    • Creative deliverables: Video artists added creative components and suitable background music to make the video more appealing.

    • Timely delivery: Rian worked efficiently and kept up with the tight deadlines.

  • Success story: The final output delivered was a high-quality, creative video with background music and flawless editing. We learned quick organization and delivery techniques and will implement in our future projects too.

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