Continuous Localization

Conceptualize and create websites, mailer campaigns, feedback forms and other marketing content to connect closely with your customers and elevate brand value among your customers. The ability of our solutions offers you the flexibility to localize content between any 2 language pairs out of the 55+ global languages we support.

Innovative features like Email localization offer you the ease of getting email body text and attachments in any of the 20+ document formats localized using our patented tool.

Rikaian Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Cutting Edge Localization 2.0

Redefine and take your organization wide customer-oriented processes to the next level using Rians innovative technology. Our team can swiftly align our offerings to help you solve the challenges of your customers through some technology solutions like API integration, Workflow Automation, TMS and CAT tool access and Quick (Machine) Localizations. Optimum blend of Rians AI and ML based technology and Human intervention offers effective TAT and Consistency through Human Intervention ensures High Quality localization