Kore.ai is a global leader in Conversational AI technology, transforming how we communicate. Language is a powerful tool that connects people and businesses. At Rian, we value the impact of words and how they bridge cultures. We love using advanced language tech to make conversations easier. Kore.ai’s journey in Conversational AI is impressive, like that of a superstar.

Aren’t there times, when we all fall short while communicating due to lingual barriers? Absolutely! Sometimes, in business communication, we face challenges due to language differences. It’s a reality! Language can get intricate, leading to misunderstandings. That’s why, at Rian, we’re fully devoted to overcoming these barriers. We leverage advanced technology to make communication smooth and precise. Kore.ai shares this dedication, striving to simplify and enhance business conversations using Conversational AI.

Kore.ai: Revolutionizing Conversational AI

Kore.ai is a pioneer in Conversational AI, leading the way in creating and using AI-powered virtual assistants for businesses all over the world. Their fancy AI tech has made life easier for customers and employees alike, adding a modern touch to how businesses operate.

Through Conversational AI, there’s a significant improvement in communication, something that resonates with nearly 70% of businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and support services.

By being super smart and automating things seamlessly, Kore.ai helps companies connect with customers better, improve their support services, and just run things smoother overall. They’re like the go-to tech buddies for big companies worldwide, making sure everyone has a great experience whether you’re talking or typing! 

Through Conversational AI, they’re significantly improving communication, something that resonates with nearly 70% of businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and support services.

Rian’s Collaboration with Kore.ai: A Successful Localization Journey

We at Rian have had the privilege of collaborating with Kore.ai Japan over the past year, providing localization services for their marketing and product-related video content targeted at the Japanese market. Our ISO 27001-compliant technology and multilingual localization expertise have played a crucial role in ensuring that Kore.ai’s content resonates with the Japanese audience in a culturally relevant manner.

In fact, research indicates that companies with ISO 27001 certification are 50% less likely to experience a data breach, underlining the importance of our commitment to security and quality.

Our dedicated team of linguists and subject matter experts actively engaged with Kore.ai Japan to understand their requirements and the nuances of the Japanese market. Through careful analysis and collaboration, we localized their content, surpassing expectations and aligning perfectly with their objectives.

Rian’s Commitment to Excellence: A Testimonial from Kore.ai

Rian’s partnership with Kore.ai Japan has made a big difference in their marketing efforts. Rian specialized in adapting videos and content for the Japanese audience. Their proactive approach and collaboration with Kore.ai Japan led to content that not only met but often exceeded expectations.

Spruthi Unnamatla, Senior Sales Analyst and Operations at Kore.ai Japan quoted: 

“Rian played a crucial role in tailoring our videos for the Japanese audience. They worked hard to understand the Japanese market and culture. What’s great about them is how they always look for ways to improve. This teamwork resulted in content that really impressed us.”

In just a year, we at Rian became a crucial partner for Kore.ai Japan, showcasing expertise, professionalism, and a strong dedication to success in localizing content. This story reflects Rian’s approach to continuous improvement and collaboration for the best outcomes.

Kore.ai Japan Appreciates Rian’s Great Work; along with celebrating a Year of Successful Partnership


In the field of language technology companies, Kore.ai is a shining example of innovation, reshaping the Conversational AI landscape. We at Rian are honored to have contributed to their journey by providing top-notch localization services, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration and assisting Kore.ai in reaching new heights. 

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Published On: October 10th, 2023 / Categories: Digital Marketing /