Each geographical region has its own set of formal or informal norms, unstated rules, and expectations for how content should be represented. While releasing your product in foreign location necessitates thorough research into the region in question. All the promotional material needs a critical check before it is launched in the local market. Every promotion or advertisement should appeal to clients and should be relevant with their own culture because it contributes to the profitability of your product in a new market.
Why localize and not just translate your content?
When your website or app is accessible from any country and the content is not localized, language and cultural differences become barriers. Translation can only change the language of your content but can not add the social or cultural relevance and hence the content might appear foreign or distant to local audience.
This results in the loss of potential customers: Consumers prefer websites and mobile apps that are completely customized to their culture. Finally, your competition and rivals grow strength in order to get more users. If your competition has established a solid relationship with users, it becomes more difficult to gain clients in that location.
Benefits of localizing content
Acknowledge cultural differences and localize your material for different regions where your product is available. What pleases one person in New York may not please another in Sydney.
Large multinational companies such as McDonald’s, Nike gain more clients through their websites by precisely localizing their content. You can clearly observe the difference in the websites of these brands across multiple countries. Localization certainly expands your global reach.
LangTech companies are equipped with tools such as CAT tools, TMS tools to handle localization project at large scales. By localizing your content for multiple locations, you can gain more clients. Localization increases product variety and breaks down cultural and linguistic barriers. It results in increased sales and product success across global marketplace.

Published On: April 19th, 2023 / Categories: Content Localization, Localization, Localization Services, Marketing Strategy /