Language is the backbone of human existence. Ever since the human race has evolved, the ability to communicate effectively and with multiple dimensions sets us apart from other animals on this planet. At Rian, we understand the art and science of this backbone – “Language” very well. Rikaian Technology Pvt. Ltd. – a LangTech company offering language services with a Technology-first approach. Being in the domain for over a decade, we enjoy collaborating with brilliant minds in language and technology industry.

We constantly strive to explore its different nuances, dig out newer dimensions, and make communication across the earth more effective and accessible. With the purpose to share the knowledge so gained, we decided to create a podcast – Story of Languages. It is available on all major podcast channels and on our webpage as well.  The response we received for the podcast is much more that we expected.  The number of downloads till date are 675 and we still have around 14 more episodes to go.

A podcast is an excellent way to share knowledge and insights with a wider audience. They are growing in popularity and can reach a global audience, which can help us reach people who might not otherwise be able to connect with. Additionally, podcasts can be listened to anywhere and anytime, making them a convenient form of entertainment or education for people who lead busy lives. Even Forbes recommends small or big businesses to start a podcast.

Why podcasts are becoming a popular choice for corporate promotion?

  1. Convenience: Podcasts are portable and may be listened to while driving, exercising, or doing other activities. This allows visitors to consume your material even while they are busy.
  2. Long-form material: Unlike blog posts or social media updates, podcasts enable for longer-form content that is more entertaining and can provide deeper insights and conversations.
  3. Specialty audience: Podcasts can appeal to a certain audience interested in a particular topic or industry. This means you may generate material that is suited to their interests and requirements, which can aid in the development of a loyal following.
  4. Personalization: Podcasts can give your brand a more personal touch and help listeners to interact with you on a deeper level. This might help you establish trust and a closer relationship with your audience.
  5. Reduced production costs: When compared to other kinds of content generation, such as video, podcasting can be comparatively inexpensive. You only need a microphone, audio software, and a topic to talk about. This enables businesses to develop content and reach their target audience without breaking the bank.

To summarize, you can too create a podcast related to your niche and create engagement with your target audience. For any query or support for creating a podcast, pl write to us at We are happy to help!!

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