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While Rian is all ready to translate your Audio/Video content into the language of your choice just by dragging and dropping the content on Rian's application, a dedicated team of highly professional translators still monitors the overall process, making necessary changes that we call 'trans-creation'! That is so, because we want our users to be not just happy but elated.

Our machine-empowered translators work significantly faster than anyone could ever imagine!

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Obtain subtitle file and the separate audio file with the translated video

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As a content creator, you want to push your content to the right audience. There is nothing better than regional language

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Support 50+ languages

60+ Languages

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Cost Effective

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Increase reach up to 50%

We speak 60+ languages

Supports 60+ languages (including 16 official Indian languages)

Reflection: If CMSs like YouTube are also encouraging AV content in regional languages, then why should not we be translating our content into various regional languages to ensure a wider reach?

Languages with Text-to-Speech support : Languages with Text-to-Speech support

Our Clients

  • Engeenious
  • Angel Broking
  • Bajaj
  • Udemy
  • BAIF
  • Chaitanya Caligraphy
  • Niramaya
  • Life school

We've had trouble finding a high quality solution for Asian language captions and Rian's work was very impressive. Not only were we pleased with the quality of captions that we received, but also with service from Anand and the team.

Erin Adams

(International Content Strategy Director), udemy

The Keep Moving Movement would like to thank you for taking an active part in KMM 2020. We are also grateful for the precious time you voluntarily contributed to the movement by dubbing the sessions in Gujarati, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada with a lot of prowess, precision and at the same time keeping its essence in the true nature.

Jyoti K Gosavi

Director, Life School has been a pleasure to work with. The video translation and document translation services offered by them are of highest quality. The Technical support is fantastic. We were given step-by-step walkthrough for both the services. practice makes you feel comfortable using the platforms. Video translation features like multiple language, source file creation, quick voice-over translation with subtitling are effective tools. We are happy to associate with Rian.

Alok Juneja

Vice President, BAIF

I am pleased to convey, that I have a very nice experience of my audio Marathi recordings into English audio and text. I strongly recommend the Rian team for such work.

Dr Dilip Gadgil

Niramaya Ayurvedic Research & Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Creating and managing youtube content is a full-time job, moreover, it's important to release content in regional languages. Quick Voiceover tool has been instrumental in saving time and kicking off my content schedule in various regional languages. With a better reach, my subscribers are happy and the channel is growing at a rapid pace.

Chaitanya Gokhale

Youtuber, Calligraphy Artist

When I saw QVO for the first time, instantly, I imagined businesses saving A LOT OF resources - time and money! The need for regional content is evident, but creators face a huge problem with exorbitant costs and delays in creating translated content. Be it online courses, youtubers, blockchain start-ups or professionals like doctors. QVO is the go-to recommendation for all the businesses I speak with, irrespective of their size.

Soham Sabnis

Business Growth Consultant

I am happy to share with you that Rian is helping us translate and dub our 'World free of obesity and diabetes' campaign in 12 languages (5 foreign and 7 Indian). Rian has also helped us to translate our success stories. I am sure our campaign will reach you in your language. I thank Anand Shiralkar of Rian for extending his help to spread this campaign.

Dr Jagannath Dixit

Dixit Diet

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