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Join us on today’s episode where we discuss some of the ancient languages in the world. Human language may be traced back to ancient times and has evolved through hundreds of thousands of years. If you find learning about the origins of human language interesting, then we’re sure you will enjoy today’s episode!

There is a significant difference between a dead language and an extinct one. The number of extinct languages is currently over 570, and it is expanding as different world cultures converge and diverge. But how is it taking place? How can a language simply disappear even with a completely developed writing system? Join us on today’s episode to know more!

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With every language, there is a linguistic heritage, which is a way for people to preserve their history through their language. There are several languages around the world however, only a selected few are considered as ‘Living languages’. Join us on this episode in our series – Story of Languages. Listen here!

Language emerged in the early prehistory of man, so its development left no direct historical traces or comparable processes today. Amongst several theories that exist, there are two widely debated theories that we are going to discuss today! Would you like to know how the languages we speak today came into being? Join us on this episode in our series – Story of Languages.  Listen here!

Have you ever thought of how languages originated? Or do you know the theory of bow-wow? Strange? In this episode let’s listen to six of the oldest and most popular ideas about how language originated. Listen here!

This episode tells us about the history of languages, some of the linguistic evidence created by our ancestors, and its evolution to words and sentences. Sounds interesting? Listen to the episode from start to end. Listen Here!

In this very first episode of the podcast, lets try to find out how many languages are spoken in the world and explore the most widely spoken languages in the world. Few of your guesses are right but yes, there are surprises too! Listen here!

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