ISO27001 Certified Company

The basic goal of ISO 27001 is to protect three aspects of information:

  • Confidentiality: only the authorized persons have the right to access information.
  • Integrity: only the authorized persons can change the information.
  • Availability: the information must be accessible to authorized persons whenever it is needed.

What are the benefits of ISO27001 for our customers? Our clients believe us with their highly confidential and valuable data. It is our first and foremost duty to protect it while it is moving in the process pipeline within out company. With the ISO27001, we ensure our clients that we are proficient and trustworthy when it comes to share their data.

Rian offers solutions that help customers take their existing content to the world without thinking about language barriers. Two of our innovative platforms have been helping countless marketeers, digital content creators, sales persons, customer service teams, HR teams, Investor Relationship managers, CEOs, CFOs to transform their single language content using Rian into multilingual assets and take them global.

Rian, our translation platform, backed by our Translation Center of Excellence, helps our clients translate their digital content enabling them to communicate with a much wider audience in 60+ global languages in over 20+ file formats.

Rian Solutions
Rikaian Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Rian Quick Voice Over (QVO) Service

Rian is ready to localize your Audio/Video assets into the language of your audience’s choice by uploading the file to the file transfer platform and our dedicated delivery team will take care of the overall process, making necessary changes that we call ‘trans-creation’!

QVO in simple words means Quick Voice Over. End to end solutions that help customers achieve high return on investment on their existing or new digital content. Digital assets like a Video or Audio podcast can be easily localized into a language of your customers choice in such a way that the synchronization of the audio segments with the on-screen video is precisely matched. QVO services offered by Rian have proven to be a blessing for organizations who create content in the eLearning, Media or Banking and Finance industries. From product information audio/videos to marketing assets, training, security and learning content and much more.

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Rikaian Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Rian Document Localization Platform

Despite the advances in Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing (NLP), content localization continues to be a very expensive and time-consuming activity. frees users from all the complexity involved in content localization enabling them to localize documents in a matter of minutes. Our innovative platform uses segments that are innovatively handled to produce not just quick localization but also ensures optimum accuracy.

Over and above the innovation, the flexibility of the platform allows linguists to step in and add that much important curation input to create a seamless and accurate output with consistency each time.

Rian offers solutions that are capable of handling files in close to 20+ formats and cater to 60+ global languages.

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The use case alongside demonstrates how a sample video can be localized from the source language: Japanese to target language: English. Some benefits that our services offer

  • Transcreation of video

    • Language localization
    • Curation and Quality Check
    • Recreation and Quick Turnaround
  • Option of applying Digital Voice or even Human Voice
  • Essence of the content remains intact, increasing reach and engagement.

Get a sample done for your organization. Click below, fill the details and our team will reach out to you.

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Digital Asset Creation

80% or more users are considering VIDEO content to take products to the market through innovative channels. An average person spends close to 100 minutes daily watching videos online. Rian can generate visual content (video) with or without voice over from the digital asset in text format.

  • A market summary report, in a simple word format, or pdf in itself is static by nature and provides low engagement value. Our team swiftly converts the static pdf into a dynamic video using the same text content on the document. While the text video created helps in creating strong communication, this can further be elevated by localizing the content into multiple languages.

We understand your Digital Content Strategy and align our offerings to them.

Digital Asset Transformation

Most organizations currently are either working to or already have chalked out their Digital Content Strategy. This is essentially one of the most important stages of business planning in the current scenario. The crucial piece that completes the Digital Content Strategy is the ability to identify and amplify the engagement value of the digital assets.

A static digital asset, possibly a presentation deck of slides sitting idle on your server, due to its inability to communicate with a diverse set of languages needs to be sent over to RIAN. We at Rian are capable of TRANSFORMING the Static Digital Asset into a DYNAMIC DIGITAL ASSET. A video with motion graphics or simple animation with a voice over and text to create and grow engagement with the target audience in a language that the audience prefers, from a choice of 60+ global languages would work wonders for your brand.

We help you communicate better and stronger.

Digital Content Localization

Rian is ready to translate your existing Audio/Video content into the language of your customers choice through our QVO service backed by a dedicated team of highly professional experts who make necessary changes that we call ‘transcreation’! The optimum combination of advanced technology and human intellect provides the best blend of consistency and high-quality transformation output within the stipulated time, ensuring highest levels of data security.

Our engines are able to handles over 60+ global languages and much more including human voiceovers.

Reach out to us, we are happy to help.

Continuous Localization

Conceptualize and create websites, mailer campaigns, feedback forms and other marketing content to connect closely with your customers and elevate brand value among your customers. The ability of our solutions offers you the flexibility to localize content between any 2 language pairs out of the 55+ global languages we support.

Innovative features like Email localization offer you the ease of getting email body text and attachments in any of the 20+ document formats localized using our patented tool.

Cutting Edge Localization 2.0

Redefine and take your organization wide customer-oriented processes to the next level using Rians innovative technology. Our team can swiftly align our offerings to help you solve the challenges of your customers through some technology solutions like API integration, Workflow Automation, TMS and CAT tool access and Quick (Machine) Localizations. Optimum blend of Rians AI and ML based technology and Human intervention offers effective TAT and Consistency through Human Intervention ensures High Quality localization

Supports 60+ Global Languages

Arabic Assamese Bengali Bulgarian Burmese Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English
Estonian Finnish French German Greek Gujarati
Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Irish Italian
Japanese Kannada Konkani Korean Latvian Lithuanian
Maithili Malay Malayalam Maltese Manipuri Marathi
Nepali Norwegian Oriya Polish Portuguese Punjabi
Romanian Russian Sanskrit Sinhala Slovak Slovenian
Spanish Swedish Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish
Urdu Vietnamese

Languages with Text-to-Speech support