Imagine the excitement of a new season of Money Heist or the latest episode of your favorite K-Drama on Netflix. But what if you don’t understand Spanish or Korean? That’s where Video Localization services come in.

With more and more content going digital and the impact of COVID, it’s predicted that by 2022, 82% of everything you see online will be in video form. But here’s the catch: only 17% of the world speaks English. So, to make sure everyone gets the message, businesses are turning to Video Localization services.

Over half of the people on the internet prefer information in their language. This is why big companies use content and Video Localization to reach new international markets.

So, what’s Localization? It’s like tailoring your marketing stuff to fit in with people from other countries. This includes translating what you say and making it all make sense in a different culture.

Now, what about Content Localization? This is all about translating your content from one language to another, so more people can understand it.

And then there’s Video Localization. 

Why is this important? Well, not everyone speaks the same language or gets the same jokes. So, Video Localization is like adding subtitles, changing the words, and even the way people act in the video, so it doesn’t confuse anyone. It’s like speaking the language of your audience.

What’s cool about Video Localization?

Reaching More People: 

Video Localization helps your content go viral and reach a big audience, no matter where they are.

Makes Sense to Everyone: 

When your video speaks the language of your audience, they understand and connect with it more. Studies even show people are more likely to buy something if they see an ad in their language.

Gets People Engaged: 

People love watching videos, especially if they’re in a language they understand. Adding subtitles or a dubbed version makes them more likely to respond or even buy something.

Shows Up More in Searches: 

If you translate and localize your videos, they show up more in searches. This means more people find your stuff and maybe become your customers.

Expanding Your Video’s Reach with Multilingual Subtitles

Make your videos more accessible and reach a wider audience by using video localization services. When you transcribe and add multilingual subtitles, you connect with viewers who may watch videos without sound—over 92% of people do! This is especially helpful during commutes or when sound isn’t convenient.

Make Videos Accessible to Everyone

Adding subtitles is not just about reaching more people; it’s also about making your content inclusive. Transcribing your video helps those with hearing disabilities enjoy your content. Did you know that more than 2% of the world’s population has significant hearing loss? 

In the Americas, 217 million people have experienced hearing loss, and experts predict a 48% increase to 322 million by 2050. So, by using video localization services, like voice-over translation and localization, you’re not just reaching more people, you’re making sure everyone can enjoy your videos.

Video Localization isn’t just for fun shows; it’s also super useful in education. Imagine turning your study materials into videos and translating them into different languages. This makes it easier for students everywhere to learn, no matter where they are.

And this isn’t just about spreading your content far and wide; it’s also about making it accessible. Video Localization can even help people with hearing problems enjoy your videos.

The Impact of Video Localization in the Advertising Industry

Now, in advertising, it’s super important to make sure that the ads connect with the right people. This is where Video Localization comes in. Video Localization is like customizing videos to fit the language and culture of different groups of people. It’s not just about translating words; it’s about making sure the ads make sense and feel right for the people watching.

In the advertising world, there are services like Video Translation, Voice-Over Translation, and Video Voice-Over. These services ensure that when an ad is shown in a different place, it doesn’t just talk in the right language but also feels like it belongs there. For example, an ad that uses local language and understands local jokes is more likely to connect with the viewers, making the ad more memorable.

The Advertising Industry is really competitive, and being able to connect with people on a personal level is super important. Video Localization services help with that by making sure the ads feel familiar and relatable to the people watching. This is especially handy in today’s world where businesses want to reach audiences not just in their own country but everywhere.

Because ads often use visuals and sounds, Video Localization services are like a superpower. It helps businesses tweak their ads to fit different languages and cultures, making the ads work better. Whether it’s changing the words, using local jokes, or having someone speak in a way that feels familiar, Video Localization makes sure the ads don’t just get seen but also leave a good impression.

So, why should you care about Video Localization services? Because it helps your content reach more people, anytime and anywhere. It’s like making sure everyone gets a chance to understand and enjoy what you’re saying. And guess what? Rian can help with that!

Source: Multimedia-why-localize-your-video-infographic-english.pdf

Through innovative technology, Rian’s platform ensures that your videos are not just translated but localized, tailored to fit different languages and cultures. This includes Video Voice-Over services, creating a more personal connection with viewers.

Rian’s Work in Media & Marketing:

At Rian, our commitment to effective language localization is evident in our collaborations with companies like Samco and Brinton.

For Samco, we worked on translating content from English to Hindi, creating targeted videos that resonate with the Hindi-speaking audience. 

  1. English to Hindi
  2. And 2nd one too from English to Hindi

The source video was transformed into a localized version, showcasing how language localization services can enhance the reach and impact of marketing content.

Additionally, for Brinton, we translated content from Hindi to Bangla for the product “Krack – Happy Feet,” further exemplifying our expertise in adapting marketing material to different linguistic contexts. These projects highlight how Rian’s language localization services contribute to making marketing content accessible and compelling on a global scale, utilizing tools and strategies to maintain brand consistency across diverse language markets.

Key Video Localization Services Offered by Rian

Video Localization Services: Rian’s platform simplifies the process of adapting your videos for different audiences, ensuring a global reach.

Video Translation Services: With Rian, your videos are accurately translated, making sure your message is crystal clear in every language.

Video Voice-Over: Rian adds a personal touch to your videos by offering Voice-Over services, making the content more relatable and engaging.

Voice-Over Translation Services: Rian’s expertise extends to translating voice-overs, ensuring that the tone and message resonate across languages.

Rian’s Video Localization Services are the key to breaking language barriers and making your content speak a global language. Whether it’s Video Translation, Voice-Over, or comprehensive Localization, Rian simplifies the process, ensuring your videos connect with audiences worldwide. Explore the world of easy and effective Video Localization with Rian for global success.

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