Product Vendor

Our clients buy Rian- our translation software to manage their translation work

It is an end-to-end DIY offering. Avail of the Project Management, Vendor Management, bilingual memory management, and Quality Control features under one roof.

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Service Vendor

Our clients engage us for a specific translation requirement on a project basis

Translation project management is done by the client

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Solution Partner

Our clients approach us with a specific business problem and we propose a solution using our linguistic expertise

We work as your Translation Center of Excellence, also helping you automate your translation workflows.

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---------- Operational efficiency | Cost efficiency | KPI driven translation | ROI ------------->

Translation platform developed by Translators for Translators

Rian is a clutter-free translation platform. The workflows in Rian are intuitive, all the features are easy to access and use. Rian was developed after gathering and analyzing practical difficulties usually faced by translators or reviewers.

Most of the times, translation platforms tend to become overwhelming for translators. In fact, such platforms induce fear for technology in the minds of translators. Rian tries to do the opposite. We help translators start appreciating and using technical advancements happening in the field of translation.

Benefit Driven Platform

We built Rian keeping in mind the user persona and the benefits that the platform can offer. Showcasing our technology expertise was never an agenda.

Do you still need more reasons to buy Rian? Listen to success stories of our clients

Success Stories

4000+ happy users across the globe have unique story to share with you.

Rian has changed the way translation is done. With a beautiful blend of machine and human translation supported by robust and secure software, Rian users can now do more work with less time. With improved accuracy and translation consistency powered by Rian’s intelligent memory management, Rian has become the must have translation tool for the progressive translators around the globe.

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Project Based Translation

We communicate in 50+ languages using our own translation software.

Why do you need this service

Studies show that companies communicating in their customer's native language have recorded good revenue growth. As you explore new markets globally, you will need help with translation for your digital content.

This service is relevant for you if you

Want to translate your digital assets in different languages
Need support with a language which is not available in-house
Need a translation partner with his own computer-assisted tool (CAT tool) to deliver with short turnaround time

Commercial model

Pay per source word
No fixed cost

Rian as a Solution Partner

As your trusted partner, we provide solutions in various shapes and forms as per your business problem and the key results you want to achieve.

As your full-scale translation program partner, we provide translation process outsourcing across your digital assets in various channels, media, markets and business units.Our other solutions include:
  • Project Management Services
  • Multi-lingual Customer Support
  • Multi-lingual Email Translation

If you need any other service not listed above, please contact us with your specific requirements.

Project Management Services

Typically, enterprise clients with a global footprint have big translation setups. These companies have multiple translation projects running throughout the year. Each project needs a project coordinator to coordinate with the respective vendor base for that project.

Why do you need this service

Rian services team can help you with end-to-end project management and ensure all of your projects are delivered as per the agreed project KPI

This service is relevant for you if you have

High volume (min 5 Mn words/year) translation requirements throughout the year.
More than 5 translation vendors
In-house project coordination team but needs KPI driven project management services assisted by a sophisticated tool

Commercial model

Pay per source word
No fixed cost

Multi-lingual Customer Support

Imagine your customer service agent doing correspondence with your customers in 50+ languages. You do not need multi-lingual agents. What you need is our customer service module powered by Rian.

Why do you need this service

Multi-lingual customer service enhances customer experience

This service is relevant for you if you

Are a product or services company and have a global customer base who needs helpdesk
Have your English speaking helpdesk staffed with agents but they are not multi-lingual

Commercial model

Pay per customer request
No fixed cost

Multi-lingual Email Translation

Let your team write emails in English and our email translation module converts the text in the native language of your target audience. You do not need multi-lingual experts speaking in multiple languages. [] translates email bodies as well as documents for you. You specify the language pair, and we translate your content based on your specification.

Why do you need this service

To enhance customer /employee experience and avoid any misunderstanding due to poor knowledge of the language

This service is relevant for you if you

Are expanding global footprint and need to communicate with your employees/customers in the native language

Commercial model

Pay per word
No fixed cost