In a world where digital communication is paramount, the demand for video localization services has escalated significantly. The surge in video usage has reshaped how we consume information and make purchasing decisions. With over 72% of people favoring videos over reading articles, it’s clear why video localization services have become essential for businesses. 

Rian, a leader in video localization services, is perfectly positioned to help businesses navigate this shift. This blog explores the impact of video localization services in various industries and why they are crucial in today’s global market.

The Surge in Video Popularity and the Need for Localization

Video content has not only influenced the purchasing decisions of 88% of people but has also led to increased sales for 81% of marketers. This paradigm shift underscores the importance of video localization services. Rian’s comprehensive video localization services, including voice-over translation services and YouTube localization, address this growing preference.

Exploring Key Trends and Best Practices

Dubbing: Over 73% of people prefer video content over written articles. Dubbing is crucial for audio and lip movement synchronization in videos. Rian’s dubbing process goes beyond linguistic accuracy, focusing on matching the original performance’s tone, pitch, and emotions while adapting cultural nuances and humor.

Subtitling: With 78% of people watching videos every week and 55% viewing them daily, subtitles help reach a broader audience. Subtitling is a cost-effective, versatile method, ideal for content where maintaining the original audio is preferred. Rian conveys dialogue’s context and emotions in limited space while ensuring timing accuracy for a seamless viewing experience.

Voiceover: Not so feasible when dubbing, voiceover involves narrating a translated script over the original audio. Rian ensures that the narrator’s tone and cadence align with the content’s context, maintaining clarity and cultural relevance.

Interactive Transcripts: Rian leverages the latest in interactive transcripts, offering viewers dynamic localization experiences. Interactive transcripts in our localization services further engage viewers, catering to consumers who spend around 100 minutes daily watching online content. These transcripts allow users to interact with the content, enhancing engagement and understanding in various languages

Impact of Video Localization Services in Various Industries

BFSI: At Rian, we understand the importance of language localization in BFSI. Our work involves showcasing the power of accurate translation in financial services. In our demo videos (linked below), we demonstrate the translation of financial content from English to Hindi, English to Malayalam, and English to Gujarati addressing the specific language needs of the target audience.

English to Hindi:

English: Source video

Hindi: Target video

 Hindi to Malayalam:

Hindi: Source video

Malayalam: Target video

KotakLife English to Gujarati:

English:  Source video

Gujarati: Target video

These demonstrations highlight how we facilitate seamless communication in the BFSI sector, ensuring that financial information from companies like KotakLife and AngelOne is accessible and comprehensible to a wider, global audience. Our focus is on using language localization to bridge communication gaps and enhance the global reach of BFSI services.

Healthcare:  Language localization services help Health Tech by making sure that medical apps and information are easy to understand for people who speak different languages. At Rian, our language localization expertise in Health Tech is exemplified by our successful adaptation of Brinton’s “Krack – Happy Feet” advertisement from Kannada to Malayalam. 

Kanada to Malayalam

Kanada: Source video

Malayalam: Target video 

This project highlights our ability to make health-related content accessible and impactful across different linguistic communities. The video was accurately and culturally adapted, catering to a market where 56% of consumers prioritize information in their language over price.

Edtech: At Rian, we’ve enhanced educational accessibility by localizing Teachmint’s content from Hindi to Malayalam, ensuring students comprehend material in their native language. Our advanced localization tools and strategies break down language barriers, making learning accessible and effective worldwide.

Hindi to Malayalam

Hindi – Source Video

Malayalam – Target Video

Advertising and Media: At Rian, our commitment to effective language localization is evident in our collaborations with companies like Samco and Brinton. For Samco, we worked on translating content from English to Hindi, creating targeted videos that resonate with the Hindi-speaking audience. 

English to Hindi

English- Source Video

Hindi – Target Video

The Future of Video Localization Services

The importance of video localization services in connecting with global audiences is evident. As multimedia continues to dominate, Rian’s commitment to offering comprehensive localization services, including video translation services in healthcare and voice-over translation services, positions us as a leader in bridging linguistic and cultural barriers.


In conclusion, the surge in video usage and the preference for video content over written articles highlight the growing importance of video localization services. Rian is at the forefront of this transformation, ensuring businesses can effectively reach and engage with a global audience. Discover more about Rian’s video localization services and join us in shaping a more connected and understanding world.

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