“In the year 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic came from video. “-source Cisco

Importance of Subtitles in Video

Have you seen young people around you- in schools/colleges, travel or even at home? They are glued to their phone and continuously consuming content – majority of which is video. You might have observed one more thing that most of the time they watch the video without audio. Then how do they understand the content just with pictures?

Simple- they read subtitles!!

Apart from social media, online video content is a crucial component of corporate advertising in the modern digital age. Video has developed into a very effective marketing tool and companies are experimenting different trends to popularize their product and services in the community and subtitles being an integral part of the video creation.

  • Breaking language barriers – Subtitles are a game-changer for folks who don’t speak the video’s language but still want to join in on the fun. Adding subtitles in the language of user’s choice is to talk about inclusivity and global reach! When videos get localized with subtitles in different languages, it’s like a virtual journey around the world. You get to experience diverse perspectives and connect with people from different corners of the globe.
  • Making Sure Everyone’s Included: Subtitles are superheroes for people with hearing impairments. They let them follow the action, jokes, and dialogue, so everyone gets to enjoy the content together.
  • Adds meaning: Sometimes, audio can be a bit tricky. Accents, fast talkers, or weird technical terms can leave us confused. It’s possible to catch every word with the help of subtitles. They’re like the helper that saves the day, helping us fully grasp what is being said.
  • Beating Noisy Environments: We’ve all been in situations where it’s too loud to hear a video properly. Maybe you’re at some crowdy place. Subtitles come to the rescue, letting you keep up with the content without straining your ears. Noisy places can’t defeat subtitles!
  • Boost SEO: Did you know that subtitles can improve the SEO score? Yeah, they give a boost to search engine optimization, making sure your favorite content pops up when you’re looking for it. So, they’re not just helpful for viewers but also for creators who want to get their videos noticed.

So, whether you’re watching for business, entertainment or learning, subtitles make video content more accessible, understandable, and enjoyable for everyone. They are like the cool friends who make sure nobody feels left out.

Now the next question is – How to generate quality subtitles?

The answer is (https://app.rian.io/login) It is a powerful tool available on Rian platform which will help you generate subtitles in 60+ languages.

Why Rian?

At Rian, we discussed with our freelancers about their expectations (basic and advance) from a subtitling tool. Based on these, we derived the RSS tool to cater to all their requirements and now it is one of the best subtitling tools in the market and our vendors are happy with it.

Benefits of RSS –

  • Subtitle Profiling: There are very less tools available in the market that offers subtitle in compliance with international subtitle standards. RSS is one of these tools that offers the functionalities to create the subtitle profiles with the set rules and save those profiles for the future references.
  • Versatile Outputs: The tool provides option to use both-.vtt and .SRT file for subtitle file (inline with the industry standard formats). Also, it is easy to get the file with timestamping and without time stamping (transcript only) from the tool.
  • Subtitle Formatting: Availability of all the standard formatting functionalities for the subtitle text. Also, it is easy to change the position and placement of the subtitles which is again very rare functionality as compared to other online subtitling tools.
  • Subtitle Project Management system: This is a cloud-based tool with all the desire functionalities of Subtitle curation as well as project management. Along with the standard workflow of Subtitle creation, the tool provides all the functionalities to manage the files, project, memory, data, assignments and pricing and invoicing for various stake holder that makes it one step solution for end-to-end process of Subtitling project.
  • Easy Transcription: In comparison with most transcription tools available in market, RSS will allow you to work on your files in hassle free manner. The tools available in market require you either to pay heavy subscription fees or free versions have a usage limit. Apart from these main concerns, many tools do not support the speech to text function for Indic languages. In RSS, we provide support for almost all major Indic languages making it easy to manage your projects in single tool + project management system. You can choose your output format as well as customize the deliverables according to your needs.
  • Supported Formats: Upload your multimedia and subtitle files in the following formats:  Subtitle: .srt, .vtt, .sub, .sbv, Video: .mp4, .webm, .ogv, Audio: .mp3, .m4a, .wav
  • Top security: Your files are securely stored and encrypted in the cloud. Get your subtitle file. Choose how to export your subtitles in .srt or. vtt, this needs to be predetermined while generating the subtitles.

Rian brings together the features and integrations for a seamless subtitling experience. Contact sales@rian.io for subscription details.

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