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We Foster the Collective brilliance of minds and machines, shaping the future of language technology with precision, insight, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Localize your Digital Assets in 60+ languages within minutes

Accurate and swift, translation of digital assets, across 20+ formats into international and Indic languages, is our promise. Our ISO 27001 compliant, Rian Platform helps you translate your digital assets into a language of your choice. Be it a niche domain of varying complexity level, or a domain that commands expertise, we are well equipped to deliver your translation project.

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Cutting Edge Translation

The amount of digital content being created today has surpassed any of the previous levels in the past. The single point objective for any organization is to localize the content into multilingual formats for various other geographies and increase the value of the existing content.

Rian offers patented technology features that help organizations exponentially increase engagement and growth metrics across the globe.

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Rian Services

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  • Document Translation

  • Subtitles Creation and Localization

  • Audio and Video Localization*

  • Voiceover through Human or Digital Voice*

  • Automation through APIs, Custom Integration*


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Our Customers Say

Need help translating digital content ?

Why Rian?

Rian helps customers grow your brand reach and engagement through translated digital assets, that in turn grow brand value in geographies of your strategic choice. Rian also helps you strengthen brand value, by increasing effectiveness of learning and training. Through effective internal and external communication backed by content translation, we help in dissolving  language barriers through innovative technology, global talent pool, and world class processes that are built around highest levels of data security.

Translate Documents Seamlessly

You can choose to subscribe to our platform and leverage the power of human + ai at work. Or, share your content with us and sit back, relax as our project management team connects with over 1100+ pre-qualified native linguists from across the globe and delivers your project translated with a human touch for added flavour and cultural language nuance.

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Content Solution
Board Videos Translate into multiple languages with subtitles
Townhall Videos Translate the Video into multiple languages (Digital Voice Over)
Strategic Communication Videos Translate the Video into multiple languages (Add subtitles for better engagement)
Newsletters, material Translate to multiple languages.
Blogs, Presentations Transform PPT and blogs into VIDEOS in multiple languages Convert most popular into a Podcast/Video.

Add or Translate Subtitles

GROWTH for any organization today is largely driven by its ability to create digital content and effectively engage with the target audience. A global data stat reveals that over 80% of users are using Audio/Video content to drive engagement on various platforms.

Rian can help you localize existing content, create source or target subtitles in a language of your target audience choice.

Formats of choice : .srt; .vtt

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Content Solution
Board Videos Translate and localize into multiple languages
Townhall Videos Translate the Video into multiple languages (Digital Voice Over)
Strategic Communication Videos Translate the Video into multiple languages (Add Source / Target Subtitles)
Newsletters, material Transform into a video and localize into multiple languages
Blogs, Presentations Transform PPT and blogs into VIDEOS in multiple languages Convert most popular into a Podcast/Video.

Localize Video and Audio

Rian is arguably the only platform to offer end to end translation solutions in both document and video formats. From DIY options to sharing media files through safe and secure sharing portals, we offer clients one thing, complete peace of mind. Our ability to swiftly transcribe, time-stamp, translate and then add voice over – all of this with synchronous and critical human intervention steps involved, to produce translated videos in no time, has been our forte.

Industries leveraging video localization :

  1. eLearning
  2. BFSI
  3. Pharma
  4. Individual YouTubers / Content Creators
  5. Influencers

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Automation Technology

Cutting edge localization technology enables Rian to offer services like ‘Auto Email Localization’ along with ‘API and Workflow Automation’ and for exhaustive users we offer the RIAN TMS and CAT platform access with a flexible subscription plan.

Our development experts step in to understand the challenge your business faces and provide bespoke solutions that help you scale growth. Strategic partnerships here could mean that Rian white labels its services to ensure our customers score a win in the market.

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