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Reach a Global Audience: Seamless Video Localization

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Why Choose Rian?

Speed : 2.5X

The endless wait for production houses and investment of multiple hours to localize content and making it available in varied languages and geographies are things of the past. Rian shortens your time to market by 40%

Innovative Tech

Rian TTS brings emotions to life in multiple languages. It doesn't matter if you are unaware of the target language, our native linguists and innovative technology will take care of emotions and preferential pronunciations.

Impacting Revenues

Innovative technology enables our teams to deliver localized content in multiple languages, faster than ever before, reducing time to market and growing revenue.

End-to-End localization

Submit your source video and download the finished videos with voiceovers and subtitles in your chosen languages

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Rian: Your Bridge to Global Communication Excellence

User friendly platform functionality

DIY demo videos + training support if needed

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Seamlessly Captivate Global Audiences with Our Video Localization Expertise

Touch of local nuance

Streamlined proecess

Secure processing within the platform

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Media Content Localization - Global Appeal, Seamless Delivery

Power of AI and Human Expertise

AI Voice Match technique, Lip Sync

35+ Global Languages

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Go beyond global boundaries